Downtown Crazy Days underway

Downtown Crazy Days underway

Some bargain hunters and browsers wasted no time in looking for deals downtown Thursday morning as Crazy Days began.

Spencer Main Street Director Nancy Naeve said she expects 23 to 25 stores and service providers to have sales and discounts for shoppers during the downtown area’s annual sale event.

“Even some of the places that you may not consider retail,” Naeve said. “Some of your hair salons. They’ll all have some stuff on sale, too, so don’t forget about them.”

Crazy Days sales continue until Saturday. Hours vary by store.

The City of Spencer passes an ordinance each year, Naeve said, that allows stores to place their goods on the sidewalks along Grand Avenue. She said all the outside activity draws attention to stores.

“Maybe if people are coming from let’s say Storm Lake or maybe going up to the Lakes, they wouldn’t have known it was our Crazy Days. But when you see all of our tents, and all of the signs, and all of the people and all the items out there, then it’s like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’”

On Thursday morning inside Goal Kick Sporting Goods, store operations manager Rene O’Hara said Crazy Days wasn’t crazy – yet.

Downtown retailers had sale items displayed under awnings and tents Thursday morning for Crazy Days.
Downtown retailers had sale items displayed under awnings and tents Thursday morning for Crazy Days.

Thursday’s usually the busiest day,” O’Hara said.

Goal Kick has been promoting its deals with an email campaign and on its Facebook page.

“Everything inside that’s regular-priced is 20 percent off and then we have a few sale racks in here, but mostly everything is outside,” O’Hara said.

O’Hara was keeping an eye on the weather. The sun is supposed to shine Thursday and Friday with highs staying in the 70s. Saturday may be cause for some concern, though.

“There’s rain coming Saturday, so I think we might be inside that day,” she said.

Kalei Joynt, with Steffen Furniture, noted Thursday’s weather should draw people downtown.

“We’re hoping since it’s such nice weather that a lot of people are out and shopping because there’s lots of good deals everywhere,” she said.

Joynt added downtown retailers rely people shopping locally.

“I think it’s super important because it’s real families that live here that own these businesses and it’s great that people who also live here support them, too,” she said.

That’s a sentiment Naeve shared, too.

Naeve said shopping at local stores means the taxes those stores pay end up going back into the community.

“It’s so important to keep money in town,” she said.

Naeve also wanted to remind shoppers not forget about supporting area coffee shops and restaurants while they shop.

“We’ve got 16 restaurants and bars in our main street district in downtown, so there’s plenty of opportunities to grab a bite,” she said.

Naeve suggested people check for deals not just at retail stores, but at places like hair salons and other service providers, too.

There are stores just off Grand Avenue participating in Crazy Days, too.

At Aroma Store and More inside Design Masters, 407 First Avenue East, Abby Long noted there are deals on many in-store items and discounted massages on Thursday.

Many of the store’s items are made in-house, including lotions, bath bombs and room sprays.

“We make this stuff with the oils back there (in the kitchen area), too,” Long said.

For a list of businesses and restaurants, visit Spencer Main Street’s website directory.


Photo: Shoppers look at clothing on sale outside Kari’s on Grand Avenue Thursday during Crazy Days.

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