Find a ‘purrfect’ companion at People for Pets Cat Day

Find a ‘purrfect’ companion at People for Pets Cat Day

People for Pets has plenty of cats searching for their forever homes.

On Sunday, the organization is opening its cat area to the public from 1 to 3 p.m. at its facility in Spencer, 2312 Highway Blvd., in hopes of helping match folks to felines.

“You can come in and meet all our wonderful cats and kittens who are all looking for their forever home,” Kizzie Johnson said. “We actually have right now maybe 100 or a little over 100 cats who are looking of their forever home.

People who meet a cat they want to adopt can fill out an application, which will be reviewed later. Adoption fees range form $60 to $80.

Johnson said People for Pets has cats of various ages. All cats have been altered – except for some kittens, tested for FIV/FeLV and up to date on all vaccines.

“Pretty much everything you can think of they’ve already had done,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she’s been wanting to put on an event like this for a while to help the cats at People for Pets find homes, especially the middle- and senior-aged cats.

“I just kind of have a soft spot on my heart for the cats who have been there for quite a long time,” Johnson said. “They may be older, but a lot of the seniors we have still have quite a bit of spunk.”

Older cats are often calmer than younger ones, too, she said.

“Especially the seniors, they’re a little more laid back,” Johnson said. “Kittens require a little bit more maintenance than some of the older cats.”

For those thinking of adopting a cat, Johnson noted that, in general, cats take less maintenance than dogs.

“The number one thing, in my opinion, is they are way less maintenance than a dog,” she said. “You don’t really have to do much with a cat. They just kind of do their own thing. They love to play, you don’t have to take them for a walk. It’s definitely less maintenance than having to take care of a dog.”

Johnson said she will answer any questions people visiting on Sunday may have about any of the cats.

You can find more information at peopleforpets.org.

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