City Council notes Aug. 20: 18th Ave. West storm sewer, snow ordinance, Clay County Fair parking

City Council notes Aug. 20: 18th Ave. West storm sewer, snow ordinance, Clay County Fair parking

Sioux Falls company awarded 18th Avenue West storm sewer work

The Spencer City Council Monday night approved details regarding the 2018 18th Ave. West storm sewer extension project.

H & W Contracting in Sioux Falls submitted a low bid of $572,242.50 and was awarded the contract.

City Engineer Jim Thiesse told the council they were eager to get to work.

“They’d like to get the storm sewer done this fall and pave in the spring and that is our schedule,” he said, adding “that sounds pretty optimistic.”

Thiesse said H & W has a good reputation.

Others that submitted a bid were: Vanderpool Excavating of Orange City, Hulstein Excavating of Edgerton, Minn., and BD Construction from Spencer

Estimated cost of the project was $609,187.

Snow ordinance amended

Parking limitations on city streets during snow emergencies now can be enforced no matter when a snow event occurs.

The City Council voted to remove the Nov. 1 to April 1 time frame for when a snow emergency could be declared and related parking laws enforced.

“We get snow well beyond April 1 and well before Nov. 1,” City Manager Amanda Mack said. “The process doesn’t change. We just took the dates out.”

Mayor Kevin Robinson recalled this year’s mid-April blizzard when cars parked on city streets were not legally obligated to move.

“Somebody would have been in compliance with the law and still be able to leave their car out during a snow event because it was beyond the specified date,” he said.

City Councilman Frank Petska said he was concerned about notifying residents of the change, but voted in favor of amendment.

Indoor golf simulator purchase approved

Spencer Municipal Golf Course will be getting a new indoor golf simulator and projector following the city council’s approval of the purchase.

The simulator will be used during poor weather and during the off-season. Old equipment was sold to cover the $6,497 cost, according to city staff notes.

City Council member Bill Orrison said he spoke with golf course superintendent Brian Mohr about the simulator earlier in the day.

“It’s one machine,” Orrison said. “A four-some can play. It takes three to three and a half hours to play.”

Orrison added that there’s software that allows players to play simulations of courses throughout the country.

Road work may prevent residents from opening lawns for fair parking

Road construction along Fourth Avenue West near the Clay County Fairgrounds has some residents worried they won’t be able to make some extra cash this year by allowing visitors to park in their yards.

At Monday’s Spencer City Council meeting, Ward Three City Councilman Steve Bomgaars asked City Engineer Jim Thiesse if conditions will allow for parking in those yards.

“I guess the safest thing to say is we understand what it means to them,” Thiesse said. “If there’s anything we can do to make it happen, we’re trying to do it. I’m concerned, of course, about any time we put in new fill with no sod or grass on it, then it gets wet and then you try to drive a car over it and it’s a foot deep, you’re asking for trouble. That’s a situation that I don’t know that we can solve. Dry weather will make a big difference.”

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