Grow Spencer Commission seeks public input on economic development

Grow Spencer Commission seeks public input on economic development

The Grow Spencer Commission is seeking public input on Spencer’s economic development vision and strategy using an online comprehensive economic development assessment that has been created for the city by Toyer Strategic Consulting.

The assessment, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, asks the public for input on a wide range of topics from what residents want to see to how the city should allocate resources to economic development.

“Earlier this year the city council created the Grow Spencer Commission and asked that it look at the city’s economic development strategy,” said Amanda Mack, city manager. “Gathering this information from the public is essential to helping the commission develop recommendations for the council.”

The assessment can be found online.

Questions on the project may be directed to the city at 712-580-7200 or to Toyer Strategic Consulting at 425-344-1523.

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