Pets Plus offers exotic pets, supplies

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Chuck Mammen holds a snake that's for sale at his new store, Pets Plus, located at 928 South Grand Avenue in Spencer.

Chuck Mammen holds a snake that's for sale at his new store, Pets Plus, located at 928 South Grand Avenue in Spencer.

There’s a new place in town where people can add feathered, furred and scaled friends to their pet families.

Pets Plus, 928 South Grand Avenue in Spencer, opened a few months ago aiming to offer what some of the larger stores in town don’t. The store has birds, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, tropical fish, reptials and more – plus all the needed supplies, too.

Owner Chuck Mammen said he’s discovered a customer base already in Spencer of people who own the types of pets he’s selling but don’t have anywhere local where they can find all the supplies they need.

“We’re finding more and more (people) all the time,” he said.

Mammen’s even found people who are interested in buying exotic pets now that there’s a closer supplier.

“People are dusting off their aquariums,” he said. “Reptiles are a big thing. I sell a lot of feeder stuff, a lot of feeder insects.”

Pets Plus focuses mostly on providing what the larger stores in town don’t have.

“Very few places in town carry pets,” he said. “Walmart carries some fish. I try to carry stuff that’s a little different, a little harder to get.”

Mammen estimates that someone in Spencer would have to travel at least an hour to find some of the pets he sells.

He’s also got supplies that other local stores don’t carry.

“I try to get stuff (they don’t have),” he said. “I sell a little bit of dog and cat stuff. I try to get stuff that’s either a higher quality or stuff that they don’t carry.”

Mammen’s used to raising exotic pets himself. He’s also already a small business owner.

“I’ve been raising exotic birds for 30-40 years, probably about 30 years, in the house, so we decided to open up a store,” he said. “I’ve been a baker. I own a bakery in Emmetsburg and I’ve been doing that for the last 38 years now. Wanted to do something different.”

The bakery, Your Family Bakery, is still open but he’s looking to sell it and move to Spencer eventually.

He chose to open Pets Plus in Spencer because of the size difference.

“The bigger area, the closeness to the lakes,” Mammen said.

So far, business has been good.

“We’ve been really busy,” he said. “So far, it’s been going really well.”

The stores wares are expanding, too.

“We’ve been growing,” he said. “We get new stuff in all the time.”

Find hours and more information about Pets Plus on Facebook.

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