Clay County Fair visitors are excited about Pressed Jewelry’s future Grand Avenue store

Clay County Fair visitors are excited about Pressed Jewelry’s future Grand Avenue store

Pressed Jewelry has been one of the Spencer business community’s highlights of 2018.

The online jewelry and apparel retailer just two months ago announced the opening of a brick and mortar store at 319 Grand Avenue in Spencer. It’s expected to open fall 2018.

Founder Kristen Meeter and her husband, Eric, have been documenting the store’s progress on Facebook.

The Meeters have been hearing tons of positive comments and have answered many questions about the store while they’ve been selling items at their Clay County Fair booth inside the Varied Industries building.

“I was just thinking about how when I work alone sometimes at the house, sometimes I wonder what did I get myself into opening a store,” Kristen said. “You can really get lost in your head, but then you come and do a live show and people just tell you, ‘We are so excited about what you’ve been doing. We can’t wait to come shop.’ It re-energizes you and reminds you why you’re doing this.”

This is Pressed Jewelry’s second year at the fair. Both Kristen and Eric said the people are the best part of selling at the fair.

“There are so many people who connect with our product,” Eric said. “But especially this year, you know, coming up to us and asking us about the store.”

Pressed’s booth space this year is double last year’s size. They’re selling jewelry, custom t-shirts and more with faith, family and Midwest themes.

Photo: Kristen and Eric Meeter talk with a customer at the Pressed Jewelry booth at the Clay County Fair.

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