Affidavit: Woman hit bicyclist with vehicle, punched victim in face 10-15 times over alleged affair

Affidavit: Woman hit bicyclist with vehicle, punched victim in face 10-15 times over alleged affair
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A woman who Spencer police say earlier this month hit a female bicyclist with her vehicle then got out and assaulted the victim did so over an alleged affair.

A complaint and affidavit states Wendy Willard, 44, on Aug. 30 intentionally hit Jennifer Armstrong with her vehicle at the Fourth Avenue SW and 12th Street SW intersection in Spencer while Armstrong was riding her mountain bike to work.

After reportedly hitting Armstrong with her vehicle, Willard then got out of her vehicle and punched Armstrong in the face 10 to 15 times, according to witnesses, the document states.

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The affidavit also states Willard accused Armstrong of having an affair with the father of her children. Willard accosted Armstrong during the assault, the document indicates.

Willard now faces one count of assaulting while participating in a felony, a Class D felony; willful injury resulting in bodily injury, a Class D felony; and assault with a dangerous weapon, an aggravated misdemeanor.

Willard is scheduled to be arraigned in district court at the Clay County Courthouse on Oct. 15 at 9:30 a.m. During an arraignment hearing, charges are read to the defendant. The defendant then enters their initial plea of guilty or not guilty.

The affidavit also reveals more about what happened during the incident.

“Jennifer did not fight back during the assault,” the document states, “and was just lying on the ground next to her bike.”

According to the document, Armstrong suffered a bump on her head, a cut above her left eye, a cut on her lip and a laceration on her right leg during the incident.

On Sept. 11, about five days after Willard was released on a reduced bond, Willard was issued a no contact order because Armstrong reported Willard had driven by her home multiple times since being release.

The no contact order prohibits Willard from having any contact or communication with Armstrong.



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