Kanga Kids Consignment Expo sets up shop this Friday and Saturday

Kanga Kids Consignment Expo sets up shop this Friday and Saturday

Parents and others looking to find deals on children’s clothes, toys and more won’t want to miss this weekend’s Kanga Kids Consignment Expo in Spencer.

The business’s fourth pop-up event in Spencer is this Friday and Saturday in the former Hallmark building, 414 North Grand Avenue. Hours are 9-6 p.m. Friday and 9-3 p.m. Saturday.

Kanga Kids Co-Owner Crystal Brugman said this event brings a variety of children’s items that can only be found at larger retailers outside the area.

“This brings the big city consignment sale to your hometown,” she said.

The expo occurs twice a year in Spencer – once in the fall and once in the spring. This weekend’s event will have items from more than 30 consignors.

Kanga Kids serves as a way for folks to clean house and for other to pick up what their children need for the stages they’re in.

“There’s a lot of it and you go through it quick but it’s still in pretty good shape,” Brugman said. “It’s one of those things where everybody’s like, ‘What do I do with this?’ This gives you an outlet. It also lets people get that next stage of goods for their child at a very reasonable price.”

They’re expecting large crowds throughout the event.

Brugman said people typically will make larger purchases, such as strollers, train tables, tool benches and kitchen sets, on Friday.

“That stuff, on Friday, seems to go really well,” Brugman said. “We do a lot of clothing too on Friday.”

Then, it’s Super-Saver Saturday.

“Most of the items – not all – but most of the items under $20 will be marked down 50 percent,” Brugman said. “People come in and just clean house on clothes. It just amazes me what people can get for their dollar. I see stuff go out and it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s super cute – and a great deal.’”

Most items over $20 are 25 percent off.

Brugman said they often have repeat customers at the expos.

“People come in Friday and get the things they absolutely have to have and then they come back Saturday and get the things that they want,” she said.

Clothing racks are ready to be browsed at a past Kanga Kids Consignment Expo in Spencer.
Clothing racks are ready to be browsed at a past Kanga Kids Consignment Expo in Spencer. (Photo provided.)

The event draws folks to town from a wide radius.

“It amazes us when we talk to people coming through the checkout lines,” Brugman said. “We have people coming from Worthington, Minn., and Early, Iowa. There’s about an hour radius that we’re drawing from. Spencer’s sort of that hub and we really think it’s a neat location.”

Spencer has embraced the event, Brugman said. As the number of consignors has grown, so has the number of volunteers who help out.

Brugman and her college friend started Kanga Kids Consignment Expo when Brugman and her husband lived in Spencer. They live in Ankeny now, but Brugman said the event should be able to continue.

“We don’t see any reason why we would stop any time soon,” she said.

Find more information about this weekend’s expo on Facebook and more information about Kanga Kids Consignment Expo at its website.

Feature photo (provided): Shoppers browse children’s items for sale at a past Kanga Kids Consignment Expo in Spencer.

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