Spencer City Council notes: Nov. 5 meeting

Spencer City Council notes: Nov. 5 meeting

The Spencer City Council discussed the following items at its meeting on Nov. 5.

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Consent agenda: Century Farms, Wonderlab of NW Iowa:

Century Farms

Spencer City Council members approved the renewal of a Class A native distilled license for Century Farms. The whiskey distiller, located at 2304 Highway Blvd. in Spencer, is not yet open to the public.

Wonderlab of NW Iowa

The council also approved an award of $7,600 grant from the Renaissance Initiative Committee to Wonderlab of NW Iowa.

Wonderlab of NW Iowa is a proposed children’s museum and activity center to be located in Spencer.

Council member Steve Bomgaars said he understands the committee wanted to fund more of what they’re calling “wow projects,” but asked for a definition of a wow project.

Deputy City Manager and Finance Director Brian Weuve said the committee wanted to go back to awarding funds based on the committee’s original intention when it was first formed.

“They’d be big building projects or things that are not normally available,” Weuve said. “So it would be if you wanted to add a new program, have a community program, something that was out of the extraordinary.”

Weuve clarified that the grants are for reimbursement. Organizations are awarded after they have made purchases.


DeWolf Dog Park project engineering work approved

The council approved a $2,800 proposal from Bolton and Menk Engineering for design work for DeWolf Dog Park.

The work lays out the dog park and its fencing on the property. It also will develop project specifications, material quantities and material costs.

Funding from the project, according to agenda item notes, will come from the park reserve account.


Corner lot fencing setbacks amended

After a public hearing, the council approved the first filing of an ordinance that amends setback requirements for fences on corner lots.

On side yards of corner lots, the setback requirement for fences is reduced to 15 feet from 25 feet for fences taller than four feet. The amendment does not change the setback requirement for fences taller than four feet in the front yard of a corner lot.



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