Rep. Megan Jones named chair of Administrative Rules Review Committee

Rep. Megan Jones named chair of Administrative Rules Review Committee

Rep. Megan Jones has been appointed by House Speaker Linda Upmeyer to serve as chair of the Administrative Rules Review Committee in the upcoming legislative session.

The committee is a bipartisan, joint body with representatives and senators that meets once a month during and in between sessions. It reviews administrative rules put forth by the executive branch.

“This is really a committee that is focused on the checks and balances system of government,” said Jones (R-Sioux Rapids).

She added that the committee makes sure the executive and legislative branches stay on the same page with how rules are developed and enforced, especially when legislative action leads to new rules.

Jones, who earlier this month was reelected to represent Iowa House District 2, has served on the committee for four years. A couple of her peers encouraged her to seek the spot.

She said she’s wanted to be chair of the committee.

“As time progressed, I really took an interest in the committee,” Jones said. “I’ve been one of the more vocal members of the committee.”

Jones said being on the committee is a lot of work but is also impactful.

“There are a lot of rules that are written that Iowans are expected to comply with and we need to make sure that those rules are accurate and so it requires a lot of reading,” she said. “It requires a lot of work outside of session working with legislators who were the floor managers of bills, working with interested groups that are going to be impacted by the rules and I just kind of really dove into that.”

Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake), who is now house speaker, is a past committee chair. Jones said Upmeyer has mentored her on the committee’s process.

Jones most recently served as Assistant House Majority Leader and has filled in for Upmeyer as speaker.

On whether the chair position will lead her on a similar path, Jones said “we’ll see where the future ends up.”

The legislative session begins Monday, Jan. 14.


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