City Council notes: December 3 meeting

City Council notes: December 3 meeting

The Spencer City Council took action on or discussed the following items at its December 3 meeting.


Parking ordinances filed 3rd and final time

The City Council approved the third filings of ordinances placing restrictions on parking in yards.

One ordinance restricts the number of accessory vehicles allowed to be parked in yards, while the other places certain restrictions on front yard parking in town.

The front yard parking ordinance is effective July 1, 2019. It was approved 5-1 with council member Ron Hanson casting the only opposing vote.

Read more about the ordinances.


Indoor entertainment to be allowable special use exception in “E” heavy industrial zoning district

City zoning code now will be amended to allow indoor entertainment as a special use exception in the “E” heavy industrial zoning district following a public hearing and resolution at Monday’s city council meting.

According to an agenda item, the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed a request and made the recommendation that the code change be made. The item states that indoor entertainment uses include motion picture theaters, meeting halls and dance halls.

Council member Ron Hanson asked if someone would still have to go through the Board of Adjustment for approval of a special use.

“They have to gain approval from the Board of Adjustment to the particular location,” City Attorney Don Hemphill said.

The council approved the first filing of a resolution to make the change.


North School Park shelter project work approved

Finished work on the North School Park shelter project was officially approved by the city council in a resolution Monday night.

“I think they’ve done a great job up there on that,” council member George Moriarty said. “It’s a very nice community park. I happen to have a granddaughter who lives right across the street from it and I know her children sure enjoy it. And it’s lit up at night, the shelter house is.”

North School Park is located along First Avenue West between West 11th and West 12th Streets.

The Spencer Parks and Recreation Department is planning a potential dedication ceremony in the spring with the family that donated money toward the project.


DeWolf dog park fencing project approved

The city council awarded work for a fence around the future DeWolf Park Dog Park to Midwest Fence for $47,635.

Quotes for the project were received Nov. 28.

Midwest Fence will construct a 6-foot boundary fence and entry gates around the dog park boundary. Another 6-foot fence will be built to separate a small dog area from a large dog area.

The Dog Park Committee raised $50,000 toward the project. The committee will reimburse the city for the cost of the project.

The city will fund the engineering and other park improvements. The city has budgeted $40,000 for the project within the park capital improvement plan.


Property at 221 West 2nd Street sold to Leus

At Monday’s city council meeting, members held a public hearing then approved a resolution green-lighting the sale of the property at 221 West Second Street to Grand and De Linda Leu for $7,950.

IGL Construction also submitted a bid for the property, offering $6,000.

Both proposals involved developing a residence on the property for resale.

“It was great to have two fine offers there for that property,” council member Ron Hanson said during the meeting. “I was surprised. I was happy to see that.”

The Leus’ plan is to move the current house located at 1224 West Fourth Street that they own and rent out. In their proposal, the Lous state the house “has cedar siding and green shingles and looks similar to a wood cabin.”

Their plan is to put in a full basement and move that house there. They’d also add central air conditioning, complete a small addition to serve as a laundry room and basement entrance, remodel the home’s kitchen and either construct an attached or detached garage.

The plan would be to have the home ready to sell by the end of 2019 for $90,000 to $99,000.


Fire chief shares car seat event info, winter fire safety tips

In his monthly report to the council, Spencer Fire Chief John Conyn shared information about a car seat event Saturday at the fire department from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The public can learn at the event how to properly install a car seat and have their car seats checked for correct installation.

Conyn also reminded the public to water their natural Christmas trees and shovel around fire hydrants near their homes.

He suggested imagining a hula hoop around the fire hydrants and shoveling out a three-foot circle around them.

“I mean, I enjoy going out and shoveling,” Conyn said. “I think it’s a cool workout. But it’s not a great workout when your house is on fire. So, if you have a chance to, please, let’s do that.”

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