Spencer City Council notes: January 21, 2019

Spencer City Council notes: January 21, 2019

The Spencer City Council took action on the following notable items during its January 21 meeting.

City manager compensation increase approved

The Spencer City Council on Monday night approved a $5,000 compensation increase for City Manager Amanda Mack. This increase brings Mack’s compensation to $120,000 per year effective January 1.

According to an agenda item memo, a performance evaluation and compensation review required in Mack’s employment agreement were completed, resulting in the recommended increase.

The memo indicated the city’s administration budget will cover the increase.

$84.6K trailer purchase approved

The city council approved the purchase of a new transfer trailer for the city Solid Waste Division for $84,614 from Wilkens Industries of Morris, Minnesota. The purchase, according to an agenda item memo, is identified in the Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Improvement Plan.

However, the purchase is over-budget due to increased steel prices. Excess funds will be covered through the Solid Waste Reserves.

Animal Medical Center, People for Pets compensation increased

Compensation increases for both the Animal Medical Center and People for Pets were approved. Both will now receive $600 per month from the city rather than the prior $400 per month.

Costs for the increases will come from the animal control line item in the Spencer Police Department budget.

According to an agenda item memo, staff believes the budget line item can handle the increase with no major changes needed.


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