Suspicious vehicle investigation leads to alcohol-related charges

Suspicious vehicle investigation leads to alcohol-related charges

A suspicious vehicle investigation last week led to the arrest of a man for supplying alcohol to an underage male, among other charges, after he and the teen eventually turned themselves in to authorities.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office reported that Gary Gunnerson, 44, was arrested last week for supplying alcohol to a minor, open container and a parking violation. The minor, 19-year-old Richard Herrig, was charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

According to the sheriff’s office, those charges stem from an incident in which a deputy on patrol near Peterson at about 12:30 a.m. January 21 noticed a truck leaving a property with an abandoned house. The deputy tried to catch up to the truck, but it turned of Highway 10 and onto a side street.

When the deputy turned the corner, the truck was found parked in the middle of the road, turned off and abandoned, aside from a dog left inside.

The deputy reportedly found several beer cans in the truck.

After investigating, it was determined Gunnerson and Herrig were the truck’s occupants and had fled on foot.

Both Gunnerson and Herrig came to the jail on January 23 and met with the deputy.

They were charged and later bonded out.


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