Here’s how Spencer schools will make up snow days

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Spencer School board around conference table at meeting

Spencer schools will be in session until May 31 to make up for lost classroom hours – and that’s assuming very few, if any, additional days are canceled.

At its meeting Tuesday, the Spencer School Board approved a recommendation from Superintendent Terry Hemann that gets the district back on track to meet its state-required 1,080 hours of school for students.

“At some point in time, we have to make a plan and kind of hope for the best the rest of the way out,” Hemann said during the board meeting.

Here is how the calendar will be adjusted to get back on track:

  • The three remaining early dismissals on the calendar – March 6, April 3 and May 1 will now be full days.
  • Thursday, April 18, which would have been the first day of Easter Break, will now be 12:30 p.m. dismissal. Hemann said the district will work with students and staff that may have had travel plans.
  • May 24, originally the district’s last school day, is now a full day.
  • May 28-30 will be added to the end of the calendar.
  • Friday, May 31, will now be the district’s last school day. It will be a 12:30 p.m. early dismissal.

Spencer schools have had five two-hour delayed starts and seven school day cancellations.

“This is the most in the past eight yeas since I’ve been here,” Hemann said.

The make-up schedule would leave with Spencer students with 1,093 hours. That gives the district a little wiggle room.

“It allows for something to maybe cover for a few late starts,” Hemann said.

Should the district need to add more days to the end of the calendar, the next would be Monday, June 3.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary.

Correction: This post has been updated to show the correct early dismissal dates on the school district’s calendar.

3 thoughts on “Here’s how Spencer schools will make up snow days

  1. So has this made a change in when graduation will be for the seniors? I need to make sure that this has not changed or if it has I need to know the new date so that I can accordingly ask off for work!

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