Spencer City Council approves budget, capital improvement plan

Spencer City Council approves budget, capital improvement plan

The Spencer City Council on Monday approved the city’s fiscal year 2019-2020 budget, which maintains the same levy rate as the last four budgets – $11.9999 per $1,000 of valuation.

“I would like to thank the department heads and city staff on a great job of preparing the budget, keeping us apprised,” Ward 3 Councilman Steve Bomgaars said. “Hopefully it reflects the values of the city.”

He said the taxpayers should note that the levy rate is unchanged.

An agenda item memo from city staff notes that the budget includes a 4 percent solid waste rate increase that will require separate council action. The council also will need to discuss commercial cardboard rates, the memo states.

Capital improvement plan approved

Spencer city council members also approved the capital improvement plan for fiscal years 2020-2024.

“I’d like to have it pointed out that any of our improvements for our capital improvement fund have been approved five years in advance,” council member George Moriarty said. “We’re just following through on them and they fall within the budget constraints that we’ve put on and that’s what’s keeping us at a very even-leveled budget.”

Department heads presented each of the items in the plan to the council at previous meetings, the accompanying agenda memo states.

The memo notes that projects with fiscal year 2020 implementation dates were incorporated into the FY 2020 budget. Other projects could be changed in the future.

Front yard parking construction permits pass 2nd filing

An ordinance that establishes a permit process for front yard parking construction improvements Spencer residents will need to complete to continue parking in their front yards legally was filed a second time.

The council will have to vote on a third and final filing before the ordinance goes into effect.

Single-, two- and multi-family residence lots all must go through the permit process.

The council last year approved a city code amendment placing restrictions on front yard parking.

West 4th Street contract, performance bond approved

The city council approved a contract and performance bond for this year’s West Fourth Street sewer replacement project with Hulstein Excavating for $646,305.

The contract was approved at the February 18 city council meeting.

The city intends to issue bonds for the project, according to an agenda item memo from city staff. The memo also indicates the city will try to use local banks for the loan amount.

Future issuance of bonds for new city hall approved

As plans for Spencer’s new city hall continue to fall in place, the city council on Monday approved a resolution that confirms the city’s intent to issue debt for the new city hall’s renovation.

With last night’s approval, the city can also levy taxes so that the debt can be repaid.

According to an agenda item memo, Monday night’s action was taken so that the city’s debt service levy in the budget approved earlier would remain at $1.08 per $1,000.

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