Weasy’s hopes to provide outdoor dining; “sidewalk cafés” ordinance heads to council

Weasy’s hopes to provide outdoor dining; “sidewalk cafés” ordinance heads to council

Imagine enjoying a Weaser Pleaser hamburger and sidewinder fries with a cold beverage outside on a beautiful summer evening as you take in the bustle of Grand Avenue.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

That’s what Weasy’s Lounge and Grill is hoping for. The restaurant and bar, located at 216 N Grand Avenue and expanding next door, would like to offer outdoor seating.

The city is moving an ordinance forward that would allow it.

“It is something we are looking at,” said Lori Grote, bar manager at Weasy’s.

Grote said the restaurant aims to have its expansion complete by summer. Outdoor seating could be offered outside both areas, she added.

“Everybody loves to be outside when it’s nice out,” Grote said.

Committee sends ‘sidewalk café’ ordinance to city council

City Manager Amanda Mack said Weasy’s had formally approached the city about outdoor seating.

Last night, the city’s progress and development committee discussed an ordinance that would allow the setup.

“We showed council a proposed to allow for sidewalk cafés and in certain circumstances to allow for the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the sidewalk cafés,” Mack said. “Council that attended (the committee meeting) agreed to move it forward to the full council on Monday for the first filing of the ordinance.

The council must file and vote on the ordinance three times, with the majority of votes in favor each time, for it to be approved.

Under the ordinance, sidewalk cafés will be allowed to operate on public sidewalks adjacent to indoor restaurants April to October from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The cafés would need to allow a 5-foot clearance for pedestrians.

Mack said only Weasy’s has approached the city about outdoor seating so far.

“I’ve talked to several (restaurant owners) who mentioned, ‘Yeah, it would be nice if we had that,’ but I don’t know if anybody has plans like Weasy’s does,” she said.

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