Complaint of man in yard with gun leads to arrest

Complaint of man in yard with gun leads to arrest

A Milford man was arrested early Friday evening after a woman first reported a disturbance at a Clay County residence and then a second woman at the residence reported the man was in her front yard with a gun.

Five Clay County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the residence in the 1500 block of 350th Street, about seven miles west of Spencer.

When deputies arrived at the residence shortly after 5:30 p.m., they found 30-year-old Jared Wolthuis, of Milford, and talked him into meeting with them.

Wolthuis was detained and an investigation ensued.

Deputies found a handgun and shotgun in Wolthuis’s truck. The firearms were seized.

Wolthuis was then transported to Spencer Hospital. The report stated he was arrested “upon completion there” on a charge of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, an aggravated misdemeanor.

He was then transported to the Clay County Jail.

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