Iowa 4th district Republican executive committee supports Steve King

Iowa 4th district Republican executive committee supports Steve King

The executive committee of Iowa’s fourth congressional district Republicans has issued a statement in support of Congressman Steve King and will pen a letter asking that he be reinstated to his committee assignments.

According to a release from King’s campaign, the committee’s resolution states it “fully supports our 4th District Congressman Steve King to represent us and carry out his duly elected term” and “rejects the allegations made by the New York Times in January 2019.”

In the mentioned article, King is quoted as saying the following:

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

The New York Times article continues:

“After this article was published Thursday, Mr. King issued a public statement calling himself a ‘nationalist’ and defending his support of ‘western civilization’s values,’ and said he was not an advocate for ‘white nationalism and white supremacy.’ ‘I want to make one thing abundantly clear: I reject those labels and the evil ideology they define,’ he wrote.”

GOP leaders stripped King of his committee assignments over the initial remark quoted in the New York Times.

King has disputed the Times’ accuracy of what he’s quoted to have said.

Iowa’s fourth district executive committee is represented by the GOP county chairs and co-chairs from the 39 counties in the district.

Its resolution also sates it will send a letter to House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise, asking that King be reinstated to his committee assignments.

In the campaign’s news release, Jeff King, chairman for King for Congress, released the following statement:

“The unanimous support from the fourth district executive committee shows Republicans in all 39 counties understand that Congressman King was railroaded over a phony New York Times hit piece. Passage of this resolution proves correct what Congressman King has always said: people throughout the fourth district know him personally, and they know the picture his opportunistic political opponents in the establishment are painting of him bears no resemblance to reality. This resolution shows both that fourth district Republicans understand the importance of having Congressman King’s important pro-life and pro-family voice in Washington, and that they expect more from GOP House leadership than blind acceptance of the New York Times’ misquote.”

Read the text of the committee’s resolution:

“Whereas most of the members of the 4th District Executive Committee have met with Congressman Steve King on many occasions each year and have known him personally for many years;

“Whereas the members of the District Executive Committee have never, in all of those years, heard Congressman King utter any phrase stating or which might imply white supremacy or support for white nationalism in any way, shape or form;

“Whereas, in the 2018 elections, Congressman Steve King was the only Iowa Republican to be re-elected to the United States House of Representatives;

“Be it resolved that the 4th District Executive Committee:

  1. Rejects the allegations made by the New York Times in January 2019;
  2. Fully support our 4th District Congressman, Steve King, to represent us and carry out his duly elected term;
  3. Fully support Congressman King’s long held conservative values which include fighting for the traditional family and protecting the lives of the innocent unborn;
  4. Shall pen a letter to Representatives McCarthy and Scalise imploring the return of Congressman King to his committee assignments”

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