What people at Sunday’s town meeting said about Bernie Sanders

What people at Sunday’s town meeting said about Bernie Sanders

Before Bernie Sanders spoke Sunday at the Clay County Fair and Events Center in Spencer, the Signal asked some crowd members about why they were attending the event and their general thoughts on Sanders.

Here are their answers.

Harrison Gabe, Milford

Harrison Gabe at Bernie Sanders town meeting Spencer
Harrison Gabe

“Mostly wanting to hear his perspective on a lot of things. I haven’t made up my mind yet on who I would like to caucus for and I really liked Bernie’s platform in 2016. So I’m looking forward to see what he has to say now, if his positions have changed on anything.”

Jerry Stege, Primghar

“I listen to all the candidates when they come through, so that’s kind of how I decide.”

On where Sanders sits on his list of choices:

“He’s down on the list. He’s got to do a lot to sway me.”

Kent Radtke and Jordan Thomas, Estherville

Kent Radke and Jordan Thomas at Bernie Sanders town meeting in Spencer
Kent Radke (left) and Jordan Thomas

Radtke: “I just like his platform. Looking into Medicare, Medicaid, fixing our insurance industry, the environment, Social Security.”

“I have younger siblings and nephews and nieces that are going to college soon. When they go to college, how are they going to be able to pay for it? They’re going to be even worse off than I am and it’s going to continue to get more expensive.”

Thomas: “I know both me and him (Radtke) were both pretty big supporters since the first time (in 2016). Haven’t gotten a chance to see him out in public yet. Was looking to hopefully get a couple of questions to him.”

Megan Fuhrman-Wheeler, Milford

Megan Fuhrman-Reeler at Bernie Sanders town meeting in Spencer
Megan Fuhrman-Wheeler

“He’s the first presidential candidate in the area for 2020 and I currently don’t have any opinion about the future presidential candidates. So I thought it would be worth my time.”

Deborah Kirchner and Jay Lyon, Spencer

Deborah Kirchner and Jay Lyon at Bernier Sanders town meeting in Spencer
Deborah Kirchner and Jay Lyon

Kirchner: “We’ve been for Bernie since the first time he went for a presidential election. Jay told me all about the facts of all the things that, you know, he was doing in (Vermont). He’s been consistent and that’s what impresses me more than anything. The man has been consistent for years. I like the other candidates and they’re saying more and more things that Bernie’s been saying, like healthcare, education, all these wonderful things.”

Lyon:  “I’ve researched Bernie on YouTube for many, many years. I started watching politics more in the early 2000s and I started noticing these YouTube videos that would pop up of Bernie back in the 1980s and 90s and he’s saying the same things. He’s trying to do the same things.”

Hannah Johnson and Amanda Green, Spencer

Hannah Johnson and Amanda Green at Bernie Sanders town meeting in Spencer
Hannah Johnson (left) and Amanda Green

Johnson: “I am head-over-heels for the man. He is my hero and has been since day one. I mean I agree with him on his opinions on the environment, education, universal health care, affirmative action, really anything, gun control is a huge one for me. But also I think the environment, it’s just escalating in importance and I think that if someone’s going to help us, it’s going to be Bernie.”

Green: “We’ve been pro-Bernie since the last election. We’re pretty gung-ho and went to every time he was around here we tried to see him. Even though Bernie’s like a broken record, because he says the same thing every single time, but that’s what’s good about him because he’s consistent. You know what he stands for and he’s stood for the same things since forever.”

Mary Little, Wahpeton

“Because I didn’t get to see him in 2016. I really wanted to support him then.”

On issues Sanders promotes that she connects with:

“Healthcare, absolutely healthcare.”

Donna and Gerald Krogman, Spencer

Gerald and Donna Krogman at Bernie Sanders town meeting in Spencer
Donna (right) and Gerald Krogman

Donna: “See what he’s got to say and what his plans are.”

Sanders is someone she’d “possibly” caucus for, adding she wanted to learn more about his views on healthcare.

Gerald: “I’d like to know how in the hell he’s going to get both sides working together to get something done. That’s probably the biggest thing.”

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