City awards major paving project to DeLoss Construction for $664K

City awards major paving project to DeLoss Construction for $664K

The Spencer City Council last week awarded work for a major paving project on portions of 10th Avenue East and West Sixth Street to DeLoss Construction, which submitted a low bid of $663,921.

“The bids were favorable and will result in a reduction of assessments of about 10% or more,” said Jim Thiesse, engineer with Kruse, Cate and Nelson PC.

DeLoss’s bid was about 10% below the project estimate, Thiesse added.

The project has three parts. Part A involves replacing street pavement on 10th Avenue East with portland cement concrete pavement from East Fourth Street to East Park Street. Part B involves similar pavement work on West Sixth Street from First Avenue West to Second Avenue West, but also includes some sidewalk replacements and storm sewer construction along West Sixth Street.

The project is part of the city’s capital improvement plan. The city will pay for the project in a variety of ways, including special assessments, according to a city agenda item memo.

The council approved several resolutions, all by unanimous votes, and conducted a public hearing at the meeting to greenlight the project.

One of the resolutions amended a proposed schedule of assessments, specifically for one large property. That property now will be portioned out into three separate parts, two undeveloped portions and one developed portion where a residence stands, and assessed accordingly.

The project and proposed property assessments were first discussed at the council’s April 15 meeting. Initially, the entire property in question would have been assessed as developed, a more costly arrangement for the property owner.

The discussion resulted in the matter being tabled and moved back to a committee meeting. At that meeting, the new assessment workaround was proposed.

Mayor Kevin Robinson said the city has made similar arrangements in the past. Several council members stated they felt the solution was fair.

Spencer Community School District owns a significant amount of the property that runs along 10th Avenue East. Ward 2 Councilman Bill Orrison asked Thiesse if Spencer High School has had discussions about potential disruptions in access to its baseball and softball fields there this summer.

“I have not been party to those conversations, but I’m sure they’ve talked about it,” Thiesse said.

Correction: Jim Thiesse’s name was misspelled in a previous version of this article.

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