Sidwalk cafés approved; Weasy’s receives first retail kickstarter funds

Sidwalk cafés approved; Weasy’s receives first retail kickstarter funds

Spencer restaurants along public sidewalks will now be able to operate sidewalk cafés.

Establishments where at least 50% of revenue comes from food sales can apply for permits to operate cafés from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. from April to October.

“I see some people in the audience that are instrumental I think in utilizing this, helping us to push to get it in place,” Mayor Kevin Robinson said. “I want to thank Nancy (Naeve), Main Street director, I see Weasy out there, and anybody else who has participated in this and all the citizens who are going to take advantage of it. I think it’ll be a nice addition to the town, so thank you very much everything that you do.”

Both Weasy’s Lounge and Grille and Taqueria El Tapatio have shown interest so far in the idea. Weasy’s has indicated it will be setting up outdoor seating as allowed under the ordinance.

The council also approved a resolution by unanimous vote setting a sidewalk café permit fee of $25.

Weasy’s receives funds from city’s retail kickstarter program

It was also announced that Weasy’s is the first recipient of the city’s retail kickstarter program. The restaurant will receive a $25,000 revolving loan and a $10,000 forgivable loan as part of the program.

The funds will help Weasy’s in its planned expansion.

“I sit on that committee and it was a really great discussion, a lot of energy around what’s happening in our community,” City Manager Amanda Mack said.
The retail kickstarter program was launched about a month ago.

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