Mill Creek Machining sees no limit for potential growth in Spencer

Mill Creek Machining sees no limit for potential growth in Spencer

Mill Creek Machining is riding a “fantastic” economy and looking to grow in Spencer.

That’s the word plant manager Lane Muckey used to describe the economy and how it has treated the metal contract manufacturing facility on A Avenue East in Spencer.

In fact, Mill Creek Machining is still hiring – at both its Spencer location and its original plant in Paullina.

“We plan on continuing to grow as much as the economy will let us,” Muckey said. “We did not put any limits on it.”

Mill Creek Machining was started by Justin Stamer in Paullina in 2001 inside an old car wash building. He began with two employees and one CNC machine.

The metal contract manufacturing facility opened its Spencer facility in July 2018.

“Business is real good,” Stamer said last year. “Been doing this since 2001 and this is the strongest I’ve ever seen it.”

Now, the company employs about 50 people in Paullina and eight across two shifts in Spencer.

“In 18 years, we’ve never had a layoff,” Muckey said. “That’s because we’re so diversified.”

The company makes parts for clients in several different markets, including agriculture, commercial, construction and industrial. That has helped them withstand downturns in specific industries.

“We’re in a lot of different markets, so we’ve had the luxury of a lot of growth because of that,” Muckey said.

That growth was part of why Mill Creek Machining expanded to Spencer last year.

“One was for capacity and the other was definitely for another workforce market,” Muckey said. “So it was two-fold.”

He added they have been “extremely happy” with the choice to open a Spencer facility.

“Spencer has worked out very well for us,” Muckey said. “The city as well has been very generous in helping us and welcoming us over there, as well as the workforce is available.”

Mill Creek Machining hopes to continue its growth.

“We’re currently hiring for both locations,” said Brian Pals, office manager.

Anyone interested in applying can do so online or at its Spencer or Paulina plant.

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Feature image: Mill Creek Machining President Justin Stamer (left) and his team pose for a picture at the Spencer facility.

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