City partnering with county to collect delinquent parking ticket fines

City partnering with county to collect delinquent parking ticket fines

People late to pay fines from parking tickets from the Spencer Police Department may have to pay up before they can register vehicles.

That’s under a new cooperative agreement with Clay County approved Monday night by the Spencer City Council.

“It’s similar to how we handle nuisance issues, as well as snow and grass,” City Manager Amanda Mack said. “If an individual fails to pay their parking ticket, we will then turn it over to the county and the county will prevent registration of vehicles and renewal of licenses until parking tickets are paid.”

The council voted 6-0 to approve the agreement. Ward 4 Councilwoman Leann Jacobsen was absent.

Spencer police will share with the county treasurer’s office a list of uncontested and unpaid parking fines after the department has attempted to collect.

Fines for parking tickets from the City of Spencer can range from $15 to $100. The treasurer’s office will collect a $5 fee per ticket.

The agreement is similar to how the city handles snow, grass and nuisance violations on properties in town.

Spencer Police Chief Mark Warburton told the council one of the heftier fines is parking on city streets during a snow emergency. That carries a $100 fine.

Warburton said this makes collecting parking ticket fines more efficient.

“It’s just a way of more cost effectively getting that money back and recouping that,” he said.

The agreement does not include boat, ATV or snowmobile registrations.

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