Traffic stop leads to arrest of Spencer man with years-old bench warrants

Traffic stop leads to arrest of Spencer man with years-old bench warrants

A Spencer resident with bench warrants from 2013 and 2014 was arrested following a traffic stop early Tuesday morning.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office reportedly stopped a car in which Jhordy Azael Martinez, 23, was a passenger at about 3 a.m.

The deputy found that Martinez had four active warrants out of Clay County.

According to Third Judicial District Court records, those were two bench warrants issued in 2013 and two issued in 2014.

Bench warrants are typically issued when a person fails to appear for a court date.

Martinez was arrested and transported to the Clay County Jail where he was held to appear before a magistrate judge.

Court records indicate three of the cases for which the warrants were issued began in February 2013 and the fourth began in June 2013.

Martinez faces one charge in each of the four separate cases.

The charges for the February 2013 cases are assault, disorderly conduct and fourth-degree theft.

The charge in the June 2013 case is possession of a controlled substance.

Bench warrants for the fourth-degree theft and possession of a controlled substance cases were issued in November 2013, while warrants for the assault and disorderly conduct cases were issued in June 2014.

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