Spencer agency wins award for Clay County Fair work

Spencer agency wins award for Clay County Fair work

F8 Creative in Spencer returned from Des Moines just over a month ago with an award from the Art Director’s Association of Iowa for its 2018 Clay County Fair animations.

The digital agency received the award for Best of Category in Animation at the annual ADAI Exhibition in Des Moines on April 26.

This year’s exhibition had over 300 nominees.

“It was some of the most entries they’ve had in a long time,” said Jason Vulk, art director and strategist.

The animations that the F8 Creative team worked on were used for a video that then was aired on TV and online.

Life is Good – 2018 Clay County Fair from F8 Creative on Vimeo.

Receiving the award was a “huge honor,” F8 co-owner Joe Weber said.

“We’ve received recognition from the ADAI in the past and that’s always been an honor, as well, but this year is extra special because it’s the best in category for animation,” he said. “So, they typically just choose one entrant, one piece of work in each category from across the whole state to receive that best in category award.”

He said the competition was very selective and competitive this year.

“The judges this year seemed like they were extra picky or strict on what they accepted into the showcase and what they awarded just based on this year being the most entries ever received and it seemed like the fewest that were accepted into the showcase, too,” he said. “So it was really exciting and unexpected when we got chosen from among a lot of very large agencies and firms across the state.”

Co-owner Chris Baker said this award is “by far the top” award that the agency has won for its work.

He added that they go up against fierce competition from much larger agencies, such as Meredith Corporation, the Des Moines-based publisher of magazines that include titles like Allrecipes, Better Homes & Gardens, Midwest Living, REAL SIMPLE and many more.

“It’s against big firms,” Baker said. “It’s not like Joe’s Design from the basement.”

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