Officials remove 51 cats from Spencer apartment

Officials remove 51 cats from Spencer apartment

Officials removed 51 cats from a Spencer apartment last week.

The Spencer Police Department and Spencer Zoning officials executed the warrant at 106 West First Street Apartment A on June 5 in reference to the number of animals there and the accumulation of animal waste.

Court documents indicate the search warrant was applied for and issued to investigate complaints of “substantial odor” and a number of cats in excess of six, the amount allowable under city code.

Officials determined the apartment residents were 51-year-old Richard Peterson and 45-year-old Randy Peterson.

During the search, officials found the one-bedroom apartment in “deplorable condition,” according to a press release.

officials outside Spencer house, loading cats into trailers.
Officials remove cats from an apartment in Spencer on June 5. In total, 51 cats were removed.

Inside, officials found 51 unvaccinated cats and a large amount of cat feces, cat urine and human feces. Court documents state the floor and other surfaces throughout the residence were covered.

Veterinarians were brought to the residence and deemed the animals as threatened.

Officers then impounded the cats while veterinarians provided for vaccinations, treatment for parasites and oversight of general care for the cats.

Zoning officials declared the residence as uninhabitable until the property is brought back into compliance.

A petition filed in court asks that the Petersons be ordered to pay costs incurred by the city.

The investigation continues. Future charges are expected.

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