ANP finds niche in serving businesses, schools at affordable price

ANP finds niche in serving businesses, schools at affordable price

From the get-go, ANP has focused on providing quality IT services as rates that won’t break the bank.

Almost two years after it started, Advanced Network Professionals, also known as ANP, has continued to established itself, serving a range of businesses from small to large and helping them handle their IT needs.

ANP provides technology consulting, managed IT services and cloud-based solutions.

“Quality service at an affordable price is where we thought there would be a niche for us,” said Logan Wood, one of six co-founders of the Spencer-based tech services provider. “We price ourselves so the small businesses can afford us and the large ones enjoy our rate.”

Many of the businesses ANP counts as clients are either beginning to understand the need to continually monitor their networks for security reasons.

“We had found the need for people to have that continued assistance,” Wood said. “A lot of people had everything set up when they first started and now no one might be monitoring that for them. And that’s kind of where we come in and just monitor to make sure you are always staying secure.”

ANP also provides antivirus protection, firewall and other security services – an increasing need in today’s connected business environment.

Plus, they can help businesses with hardware and software upgrades or updates.

“We sell a lot of computers to businesses and a lot of servers, and their whole infrastructure, really, to a lot of people who might have bought something 10 years ago and it’s time to upgrade,” Wood said.

ANP’s clients represent a broad range of businesses and organizations in the community.

“We do a lot with school districts, we do a lot with financial institutions,” Wood said. “Your small mom and pops, to large manufacturers.”

Wood added ANP does not seek to replace any existing IT staff a business may have.

“If you have an IT team on staff, we’re not looking to replace them,” he said. “We’re actually coming in to work with them.”

As ANP continues to grow, Wood says they have looked to provide more services for school districts.

“We have developed a few different programs for schools, specifically, that can be used by any school in the US,” Wood said. “So it’s not just regional. We have goals to push products that we develop personally, as well as to continually service customers.”

And, like many businesses in Spencer, ANP is hiring. They are currently looking for a sales representative.

Wood said no day in the life of an ANP employee is the same as the next.

“There’s really not a typical day,” he said. “We do a lot with managed services, so we have someone that is available from 8-5 p.m. at his desk to assist people when issues arise on their computers and then a couple are always running out and about, whether we’re signing up new servers, someone’s infrastructure, cameras or wireless access points.”

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