City to emphasize front yard parking rules after fair

City to emphasize front yard parking rules after fair

Spencer officials will place a greater emphasis on new front yard parking restrictions once the Clay County Fair is over.

Speaking at last week’s Spencer City Council meeting, Planning Director Steve Hallgren said the ramp-up to enforcement will being with “an educational component” first from planning department staff.

“We’re going to be reaching out to the community information-wise and we will also be following up with some checks, going out into the community and we are going to be following up on properties for that front-yard parking ordinance,” he said.

The new front yard parking rules, approved last year, restrict the amount of area allowed for vehicle parking in the front and side yards of single-, two- and multi-family residences. Vehicles also must now be parked on gravel or another hard surface type.

For fair week, though, Hallgren said parking regulations will remain “relaxed greatly” as usual. He told the council that the planning department typically fields many questions about parking during the fair.

“Basically you can park in your front lawns, rear yard, anywhere pretty much,” Hallgren said.

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