Southside Grill: A timeline of events

Southside Grill: A timeline of events

Chris Burg’s plan to revive Southside Grill caused a stir in Spencer from the get-go.

In September 2018, Burg, the owner of Southside Grill, shared with the Spencer Planning and Zoning Committee his plan to pivot what was then a traditional, American-style restaurant to what he called “a gentlemen’s steakhouse.” The establishment, he said, would have a limited menu and feature partially nude dancers.

Some in the community were strongly opposed to Burg’s plans. Sensing the opposition, Burg put up a sign outside the business that read “Vote Yes Developing Business” and featured two female dancers.

The issue never came up for a vote by any government body. Burg found that he could operate Southside Grill as he intended without receiving city approval as long as he adhered to certain state regulations for his dancers.

The gentlemen’s steakhouse opened in October 2018.

But in June 2019, the Spencer City Council voted to deny renewal of Southside Grill’s liquor license, citing investigations into serving alcohol to minors and dancers improperly exposing their nipples on multiple occasions. It was soon revealed that Southside Grill was at the center of an investigation into a double-fatality accident that had occurred in April.

In July, a Southside Grill bartender was charged with serving the driver in that accident.

Now, Burg himself faces charges of serving alcohol to minors. Another investigation has resulted in felony charges against Burg of fraudulent business practices, sales tax evasion and other charges.

Below is a timeline of stories about Southside Grill.


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