City council candidate profile: Loren Reit

City council candidate profile: Loren Reit

Loren Reit believes that the skills he’s gained from years of working in manufacturing and industry would carry over well to a Spencer City Council position.

Reit is challenging incumbent Rich Prentice for the at-large city council member position.

“I’ve always had an interest in city and county government,” said Reit, who has lived in Spencer for 41 years and currently is retired. “I was approached by people I’ve got a high level of respect for that asked me if I would consider it.”

He added that his career experience in manufacturing has included several disciplines, including finance, engineering, purchasing and logistics. Reit was director of marketing for Tecton Industries in Spencer for 26 years before he retired 2.5 years ago.

“I feel like with those skill sets and disciplines I’ve had to deal with it would dovetail well with the city council position,” Reit said.

Reit’s first step, if elected, would be to get himself situated.

“I’m not coming in with any pre-determined goals,” Reit said. “I think you need to do when you come in is you need to sit down, get a feel for the job, get a feel for what’s currently on the docket.”

However, he said those who have approached him have shared some specific concerns, including city infrastructure, retail business attraction, industry attraction and housing.

Reit said he would like to see the city not get complacent with its economic development efforts.

“I think we’ve got a lot of good activity going on,” Reit said. “My point is let’s not get complacent and let’s follow it up and continue to put a full court press on it, so to speak.”

He pointed to the city having worked well with the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation and the county. He also said the city has had recent successes in Syngenta moving into the former Eaton building, Northwest Bank constructing its headquarters in Spencer and Godbersen Metal Works moving into the former Simonsen Iron Works facility.

“You’ve got a lot of good things going on,” Reit said. “My point is that, having worked in industry and that type of thing, there’s a lot of incubator-type companies that you could go work with that might dovetail with those same industries, be it ag, finance, our hospital, even our school system. These companies were attracted here for a reason.”

Reit would like to see a good turnout tomorrow.

“Hopefully this will encourage other people to step forward and participate in the city and county government, to become more active,” he said. “Hopefully we get a good voter turnout. If we do, that tells me that people are interested, that people want to see things happen with their city government.”

Here is who is on the ballot in other local elections. Voters head to the polls tomorrow.

Correction: An earlier version of this and one other article mistakenly swapped the names of candidates’ (running for separate council seats) during the editing process. As a result, quotes were misattributed. Both articles have been corrected. The Signal apologizes for the error.

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