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Can I be honest? When I started Spencer Signal, I didn’t really know what its mission would be. I was flying by the seat of my pants and doing what I knew how to do: cover the news around town.

As the Signal approaches the start of its third year, though, I can tell you much more clearly why I do what I do at the Signal:

I want to see people become more informed and more engaged with their community.

I know there are a lot of great people in Spencer. They are already active within the community and its organizations. They shout its praises whenever and wherever possible. They are engaged.

But then there are folks who are not so engaged. They’re great people, too, but they may not be this town’s biggest cheerleaders. Maybe these people feel left behind or simply out of the loop. Maybe they just haven’t found their place yet.

What if I told you that I believe – strongly – that many of these folks want to be more engaged?

This is a priority for the Signal. It’s why most of the content (the website, the upcoming podcast) is free. I want zero barriers blocking the way for someone who wants to learn more about what’s going on in THEIR town and how they could become involved – how they could become ENGAGED.

That’s the Signal’s mission.

Now, think about this for a second: Our town, its organizations, its businesses – its people – benefit every single time someone in the community decides to get involved. How much then would Spencer benefit if it saw civic engagement absolutely skyrocket?

“A ton” is the correct answer.

So, what if there was a place where both the unengaged and the already engaged crowds came together to learn more about what’s going on in Spencer, how to get more involved?

That’s the Signal’s vision.

I want the Signal to be that place where people go to seek engagement with Spencer – virtually through this website, the Spencer Weekly podcast and social media; and hopefully physically at meetups and events in the future.

We need help to get there, though. Quality journalism and community building takes time and effort. The Signal team and I can’t do this without support.

I’m asking you to consider supporting the Signal.

If what I’ve shared resonates with you, if this sounds like a mission and vision you can get behind, then please, consider becoming a Signal Supporter.

It’s only $5 a month or $50 per year. There are some perks. Truly, though, every single supporter takes a bite out of our costs.

Learn more here.

Thank you so much!

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