Council approves pool, playground program agreements with Spencer Family YMCA

Council approves pool, playground program agreements with Spencer Family YMCA

The Spencer Family YMCA will staff and operate the Spencer Aquatic Center and concessions again this season, but that’s if it opens up at all.

On Monday, the city council approved 7-0 the long-standing annual agreement with the Y that has been in place for years. This year’s agreement calls for the city to pay the Y $123,818 for 79 days of operation from June to August. 

However, COVID-19 concerns have forced new considerations to be made.

For one, if the pool does not open by July, then it will not open for the season. Should that happen, the agreement states the city will reimburse the Y for actual costs incurred related to the aquatic center. 

If opening is delayed, then the contract payment will be reduced.

“The aquatic center is scheduled to open on May 30,” Recreation Director Jared Elbert told the council. “I think it’ll probably be a little bit after that if I would have to guess.”

Elbert said Gov. Kim Reynolds’s orders will determine when the pool opens.

“As of right now, the governor has all pools closed until May 15 at the earliest right now,” he said. “So, we’re going to have continued discussions with the Y as we move forward and we get more guidance from the governor on when things open.”

Elbert said the city and the Y will have discussions about any social distancing measures that would need to be taken if the aquatic center does open up. 

The council also approved, 7-0, an agreement with the Y to operate the annual playgrounds program from June 1 to July 30 for $20,184.

In that program, YMCA staff lead structured activities for students in three neighborhood parks around Spencer Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

The program’s timeline will have to be flexible if playgrounds must remain closed longer than anticipated due to COVID-19. 

“The level of staffing and the amount of training, things like that, is far less substantial with the playground program than it is with the pool,” City Manager Amanda Mack said. “So as long as there’s an ability to open the Playground Program, no matter how short, they were willing to do that.”

As with the pool agreement, the total cost of the contract would depend on when playgrounds are able to open.

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