The Iowa Project Brewing Company ready for grand opening

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Lucas Kline and Nick Applegate, owners of The Iowa Brewery Project, holding glasses of beer

Lucas Kline and Nick Applegate, owners of The Iowa Brewery Project.

Craft beer lovers will be able to enjoy a cold beverage brewed in Spencer on Saturday when The Iowa Project Brewing Company holds its grand opening.

The brewery, long-awaited in Spencer, has been selling beers to-go through online ordering and curbside pickup for a couple of weeks now.

Brewery co-owner Nick Applegate said they’re ready to welcome guests into the taproom.

“We’ve got the taproom all set up, decorations up,” Applegate said. “The building’s finished finally. Everything’s been pulled back to that original rustrial – rustic, industrial. Rustrial. I think I just created a word there.”

Those are the styles that The Iowa Project was going for, Applegate said.

“That classic finish to the building really shows off that style that we wanted in here,” he said. “So we’re ready to show everybody what we’ve been working on and hopefully get them in here and let them enjoy everything that we’ve done.”

There will be thirteen beers on tap Saturday, including a variety of lagers, IPAs and stouts.

“We’ll have a couple of the new ones, (including) a cran-cherry milkshake IPA,” Applegate said.

“SoHo Mango and SoHo Apricot,” added co-owner Lucas Kline.

Applegate said they want to showcase the “innovative” styles they are bringing to Spencer, but also the more traditional beer styles.

The cran-cherry milkshake IPA, CranCherry Creme, made its debut at the brewery Wednesday during an event for the Spencer Jaycees that served as a soft opening.

“That beer sold basically three-to-one compared to everything else,” Applegate said. “It was pretty impressive response to that beer.”

“Especially from people who were like, you know, ‘I only drink Bud Light,’ and you’re like, ‘Ah, well, here’s just an ounce-and-a-half, two ounces, just try it,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah get me another one of those,’” Kline said. 

The Iowa Project Brewing Company will be open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

On Saturday, guests are being asked to wear masks, but it won’t be required.

Masks recommended, social distancing guidelines to be followed

“Everything’s spaced out according to the six-foot guidelines,” Kline said. “We’re going to wear masks. We strongly recommend that our patrons wear masks when they’re not at their tables.”

Kline added that there will be hand sanitizer available at every table.

“We’re lucky at this time that a lot of the restrictions have been lifted in Iowa, so I know everybody’s feeling that relief and being about to go out and enjoy,” Applegate said. “We want to be able to embrace that, but at the same time, we do need to be cautious.”

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