Tracking COVID-19 in Clay County and neighboring counties

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Image of coronavirus and text "tracking Clay County COVID-19 data"

The Spencer Signal is tracking the spread of COVID-19 in Clay County and neighboring counties.

Below are updated graphs for Clay, Buena Vista, Dickinson, O’Brien and Palo Alto Counties showing new confirmed COVID-19 cases per day and the seven-day average number of new cases.

New cases of confirmed COVID-19 for each day are represented on the left y-axis. The seven-day average of new cases is represented on the right y-axis. The seven-day average is the average number of new cases for that day and the previous six days.

CountyIndividuals TestedIndividuals Positive% PositiveRecoveredDeathsCurrent Hospitalizations
Buena Vista County7,6111,77323.3%1,677121
Clay County2,2971647.1%11610
Dickinson County3,48335410.2%23541
O’Brien County1,5761107.0%8111
Palo Alto County1,311624.7%4501

All data is publicly available from the Iowa Department of Public Health at The IDPH updates data throughout the day.

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