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Why should I support the Signal?

The Spencer Signal relies on advertisers and community members who believe in having a high-quality news source that is available to everyone. The Signal is committed to keeping most of its news free to read.

Signal supporters believe in our community, want to celebrate its success and know when to challenge the status quo. Plus, supporters receive several benefits for their support.


What do I get for supporting the Signal?

As a supporter, you’ll get:

  • The Sunday Signal, a supporter-only newsletter that dives deeper into community news affecting Spencer, includes stories you won’t read anywhere else
  • Access to an exclusive Spencer Signal Supporters Facebook group focused on community discussion
  • Spencer Signal gear as an extra thank you for your support
  • COMING SOON: Perks at local events hosted by the Signal.

Can I sign up someone else to become a Signal supporter as a gift?

Yes. You can make a gift purchase here.

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