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City issues 36 building permits in June

The City of Spencer issued 36 building reports in June with total fees collected equaling $2,063.81. Construction costs for all projects combined was valued at $520,772. June building permits

June 1

714 S Grand Avenue, aluminum lettering direct mount to wall, $35 fee919 1st Ave. SW, new three-stall garage on adjacent lot to primary dwelling unit, new structure is approximately 36 feet by 48 feet by 10 feet high, flood plain permit $50, $66,899 construction cost, $183.80 fee

June 2

709 W 4th St., renovate interior, move kitchen from SE corner to NE corner, build 21-foot by 11-foot-4 deck at rear yard, $4,200 construction cost, $70 fee

June 3

1202 W 9th St., 4-foot-high at front yard (portions closed and portions open), approximately 5 feet high at side and rear and 6 feet high privacy at rear SW side of house, $6,500 construction cost, $30 feeAdvanced Door, 4000 Hwy. Blvd., new 12-foot by 25-foot billboard on monopole, total height 37 feet, $35 fee919 E 13th St., add 11-foot-3 by 19-foot deck to east side of house, $3,500 construction cost, $70 fee1305 13th Ave.

Woman on scooter at Spencer Walmart on Wednesday, July 1.

City fires employee after racist confrontation at Walmart

The City of Spencer fired an employee Thursday after investigating an altercation that occurred Wednesday evening at Walmart. The city employee hurled racist comments at another shopper and several times sent the scooter she was in toward the shopper and toward the cart holding the shopper’s 3-year-old daughter.

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Ordinance revisions allowing ATVs, golf carts on city streets move to council

The Spencer City Council is expected to discuss and could vote on at its next meeting two revised ordinances that, if approved in three filings, would allow ATVs and golf carts to be driven on city streets. The Public Safety Committee forwarded the ordinances to the council – both with recommendations that they be approved. The public safety committee is made up of three city council members, Ward 1 City Councilman Tom Nelson, Ward 5 City Councilman Ron Hanson and Ward 3 City Councilman Tracey Larsen, who serves as committee chair. Under city code, both ATVs and golf carts are allowed now on some city streets but are restricted. “Currently they’re allowed in a very regulated and very specific manner, which has, I would say, been sort of a burden to manage,” City Manager Amanda Mack said.

COVID-19 Local, State and Federal Updates. Spencer Signal circle and signal tower logo in background.

COVID-19: Updates from city, state, federal and public health officials

Here are the latest updates from local, state and federal government officials about the new coronavirus and COVID-19 disease outbreak. As of April 10, the Iowa Department of Public Health has reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Clay County. There have been 1,388 confirmed cases in Iowa and 31 deaths. Read Spencer area business and organization updates here. Follow Spencer Signal on Facebook and Twitter for updates as soon as they are available.

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Council agrees city employees should wear masks in public, confirms pay through April

City of Spencer employees may soon be asked to consider wearing CDC-recommended cloth masks when in public. Mayor Kevin Robinson brought up the idea during Monday’s city council meeting. The CDC just days earlier issued a recommendation that the general public consider wearing cloth masks in certain situations. “Because we have essential staff members, I just wanted a unified message to them that what the CDC said is important, the reason they said it is important,” Robinson said to the council. “And we certainly endorse what they have said and encourage them to wear masks while they’re in public.”

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Officials: Social distancing key to preventing spread of COVID-19, not overwhelming health care system

Spencer city and health officials believe social distancing measures being taken now are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and not overwhelming the local health care system. Officials shared information on social distancing and more during a Facebook Live video Tuesday. The distancing measures are necessary, they said, to prevent the local COVID-19 situation from becoming worse. “Social distancing is really, really important,” said Dr. Amanda Young with Spencer Hospital. “I don’t think I can stress that enough.”

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Mayor stresses “stay home,” says to expect more COVID-19 cases in Iowa

Spencer officials believe that an increase in the availability of tests for COVID-19 will result in more cases being confirmed across the state. “We will no doubt see increased cases in the state of Iowa,” Mayor Kevin Robinson said Friday in a live town hall on Facebook. “This is due to, again, more testing being done, as well as potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.” Robinson added that he wanted Spencer residents to be prepared for that increase. “I want you to expect that, but at the same time, now is the time in which we need to continue to control our behavior, our interactions with people,” he said.

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City of Spencer February building permits

The City of Spencer in February issued six building permits on projects that together totaled over $4.35 million in construction costs. Fees for the permits totaled $5,015. Here’s more information about February’s permits, as provided by the city. Weasy’s Lounge, 216 Grand Avenue, exterior facade remodel, $50,000 construction cost, $150 permit fee

Nicholas Applegate, 316 Grand Avenue; renovation of main level into taproom and brewery, lower level to be storage; $100,000 construction cost, $215 permit fee

Residential project, 1612 Country Club Lane, new single-family dwelling, $800,000 construction cost, $1,650 permit fee

City of Spencer, 101 W Fifth Street, install wall sign at city council chambers entrance, $2,205 construction cost, $0 permit fee

Community Housing Initiatives, 503 E 19th Street; rehabilitation work for 52 units to increase accessibility, upgrade electrical, upgrade mechanical, no change to buildings on site; $3,400,000 construction fee, $3,000 permit fee

City of Spencer, 101 W Fifth Street, install Main Street sign at east side of building along First Avenue West, $0 construction cost, $0 permit fee